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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Surprise Post

So I was sitting there at the pc today doing pc stuff and my dad comes in and hands me my mail.  I look at this padded envelope a little confused and on the back I see Jeds name.  At first I thought he'd come good on his threat of mailing me a pile of his shit.  But when I opened it up I found to my surprise they were DVDs he'd gotten me of the disney resort and cruises.  Inside were lots of details inside a booklet that comes with both which I went through.  I'll do my best to watch the DVDs sometime this week.  These are to help my HOPEFUL trip to disney world next year.  First I'll need a job to afford it and I'm pretty much at the stage where I feel like looking for work after taking a little break to get over my cat.  Which obviously I havent, but I need to find a job and I'm not as shit as I was a month ago where I could barely function mentally.

I also went and got a blood test done today.  The girl took about 3/4 of it.  She only needed 6 vials but that didnt stop her.  Probably taking the rest home for her True Blood marathon.  I want to get a few check ups I've been meaning to do for a while now, mainly cholesterol.  I'm not 16 any more.  I'll just do the waiting thing for the results.  The doctor was pretty funny, in a non funny way.  After listening to me for a little he was pretty serious when he said I really should be getting therapy after the whole Kyo thing.  Some of the way I've been mentally and physically, (not bothering with details cause its not important and would be too long) he claimed was very disturbing and not normal, and worse off that I acknowledged it too.  Said I should come back in a month and see him.  Clearly I'm not going to.  I know how my brain works and how my emotions work and what I can cope with.  And I reject his theory of self harm too.  Just because I get pissed off more easily and try to instigate a confrontation with people that annoy me isnt self harm.  Its me having less fucking patience  for idiots lately.

Anyway, heres some pictures!  In the end Jed DID send me some poo, though it was drawn on the letter he sent.

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