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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Portal 2 part 14

Finally got it up lol.  This is also the last of Jeds collection of recordings.  We've been using his mostly because his audio sounded more broken than mine at the time.  We had some weird audio issues.  But sadly after this one he lost all his clips because of a hard drive crash and format.  So the next ones I'll be using m own recordings.  His voice in them you will find is a little bad at times.  This was coupled with a poor microphone and dodgy settings we couldnt figure out at the time.  Since then I've bought him a logitech G35 headset which has made things super good and we dont use steam chat anymore, which never seemed to like us.  So hopefully you'll adjust to any bad stuff my videos have.

Mind you my voice was crap in his recordings because I had a shit microphone too.  As it happens, the clips from now on I actually have a G35 so I sound better compared to pre-part 15.

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