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Friday, August 2, 2013

Today had some magic

The other day I called my vet and asked the girl if she could gather a history of all the times I'd brought in Kyo and the amounts I'd spent.  She recognized my voice instantly which was pretty cool.  She said she'd see what she could do.  Today I get a call from them and its the vet this time.  He starts off by thanking me for the cakes I brought over as a gift, said it lifted every ones spirits.  He also said he could only give me everything back until 2006 as thats when their new computer system kicked in and they screwed up their older files.  I'm getting all my cats other details from the previous vet I used to take him, which was 15min away from my house as opposed to 2min, which is why I changed to these guys, but they only go to 2002, so I have a 4 year gap in between I'll have to fill from memory.

So I went in today and they had all the papers there waiting for me and the vet even went through it with me because the formatting on it was kind of strange.  In the end he thanked me again for the cakes and I apologised for anyone putting on extra weight because of me.  He laughed and slapped my back.  That was the first time I'd seen him laugh in the 11 years I'd been going there.  I'd seen him smile a little before but never laugh loudly so that was really surprising.  But I guess I cheered up him pretty good.

I also got something in the mail today which was totally unexpected.  Jed and his wife Katherine had sent me a card with their wishes to cheer me up which was pretty awesome of him.  Big card too.  From a big man.  Theres lots of writing inside too.  Sadly it contained no money.

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