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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Great Game Competition!

So this should be fairly entertaining for myself.  Like I mentioned in the video I've always wanted to do something but its tricky when majority of the people who follow Jed and myself are overseas to me, and Jeds very busy trying to make babies etc.  So heres what I'm going to do...  Every week or so I'll be putting up 2 steam games for the winning.  Now what you do is in the comments you put the name of the game you would like to try for.  Only 1 of the two.  I considered doing just 1 game at a time but figured it would be more fun having 2 people happy instead of 1.

Now lots of people post on here with an anonymous username so this will be tricky.  For those people could you put the game plus your youtube username next to it so I know who is who.  Also if you already own the game it would be brilliant if you didnt try for it so that someone who doesnt have it can get a chance to play it and I will love you long time for it.

The way I plan to do this is generally leave it running for a week so people have time to put their name down, and then on the weekends announce the winners.  I'm thinking of doing a Livestream type thing and pulling the names out of a hat.  If we're all lucky Jed can be on at the same time, but like I said hes pretty busy these days trying to make babies.  After the giveaway is done I might do something like maybe stream a game or a little silly Q&A session or whatever, I dunno.

If you lot have any ideas that you think would make this better for the next round then totally give me your ideas.  I wont be making a youtube video each time I do this so if you could visit the blog for the next round I'd totally appreciate it.   Thankfully I dont have a huge userbase that follows this place so it should be easier for me lol.

OK!  Here are the first 2 games!

Mark of the Ninja

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

aaaaand JUST in case people somehow magically didnt see the video and have no idea what I'm on about, here it is.


  1. i would like warhammer 40k
    youtube username: theyo2341
    steam name: Rasconza (if needed so it can be sent to, not exactly sure how you're gonna do it)

  2. Would love fist of the Ninja..since its efing ninjas
    youtube username: sshemley

  3. Hey, would love to try for Mark of the Ninja. Looks like a cool sidescroller.

    My YouTube account is: orangeoblivion
    Same goes for my Steam account.

  4. I would love to have Warhammer 40k
    Youtube username: TakuyaMutsuki
    Steam Name: ♥【Kamishiro Mutsuki】♥

    If you managed to get Total War: Shogun, I would love to give this to my girlfriend. ^w^

    1. A girlfriend that loves Total War Shogun is a girlfriend worth keeping!

    2. Hey Con, I don't want any games, but I would love to play some with you.
      DevinOKevin is my youtube name and I do make videos pretty regularly
      Toxicpaladin is my old acc I used to talk with you on all the time.

      Looking forward to the stream!

  5. i would like warhammer 40,000

    youtube username: Residentevil2nut

    steam: drjohnny911

  6. I would enjoy WarHammer 40k

    Youtube Name: FirstDayOfRs

    Steam: Im Dos Chains

  7. Warhammer sounds amazing

    My Youtube is Korea553

    Steam is WaffleBot_{"Dragon"}

    Also keep up the work on your vids I enjoy them a lot!

  8. Warhammer 40k i would love

    youtube is Edgeless Yeti or Sephirothwake9 (either works)

    steam is EdgelessYeti(=SOLO=)

    keep up the good work ^_^

  9. Warhammer 40k. :3

    Youtube: Dannydork10

    Steam: PAPA Peripheral (^)

    Nice going so far man, glad to hear from you again!

  10. OOOH!

    Mark of the Ninja

    Steam: Kakka Carrot Cake

    Youtube: LankySensei

  11. Mark of the Ninja

    Steam: brandonJMC

    Youtube: himynameispuky

    I'd like to thank you guys for doing this, even if I don't win. I've been watching your videos since the old L4D ones from a couple years ago and I think it's great that you actually care this much about your fans.

  12. Mark of the Ninja

    Steam: Viking Karots

    Youtube: Inuyasha4895

    Thanks for doing this for us Con and Jed! :)

  13. Mark of the Ninja



    Congrats Jed:) And thank you Con!

  14. Warhammer 40K

    Steam: NawVecBdK

    Youtube: NawVecBdK

    Keep up doing Toy Theatres and the other good stuff :-)

  15. Warhammer 40.000, please

    Steam: jensettiman

    Youtube: Jensettiman

    You are entertaining! Keep it up!

  16. Wow. Thats a really awesome idea!
    Mark of the Ninja sounds interesting. :)
    Steam: fatrik95
    Youtube: fatrik95
    I also have an idea for another game to give away. "Little Inferno". A friend of mine told me that its really funny. :D

  17. Hello i'd like to participate for Warhammer 40.000 :).
    My youtube is esmoll666
    thanks for the chance.

  18. Warhammer 40K

    Steam: Tutankhamun

    Youtube: RealSokka

    You're so awesome for doing this.

  19. Mark of the Ninja

    Steam: FistFlame

    Youtube: FistFlameful

    Gotta love dem ninjas. Thanks again for doing the giveaways :P

  20. Mark of the ninja please c:

    Steam: SJT777

    YouTube: skiders777

    Thanks for doing these giveaways guys, I wuv you :3

  21. Mark of the Ninja please
    Steam: antickev
    Youtube: AnticKev

    Thanks for doing this Con, you're such an awesome guy :)

  22. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    YouTube : Modomancs

  23. Warhammer 40k

    Steam: Mr. Brown [FIN]

    Youtube: VideoGamerize

    Im sure that ill never win but might as well try XD (thanks for doing this)

  24. i would like to try Warhammer 40K: Space Marine pleasy please

    YouTube Username: Devilswish1988

  25. Warhammer 40,000 please.
    Youtube Username 42shadowhunter

  26. Since my other comment didn't show, I would like to try for Mark of the Ninja.

    Steam: Maxord11 (May show up as different name, but I am the only Maxord11 result)

    Youtube: maxord11

    If you need an email:

  27. One would like to try for some Warhammer 40l please :)
    My YT username is :Tidus814
    and it's the same for my Steam username... I wish I could change them...

  28. Youtube: Gawkyhades
    Steam is the same
    Id like to try for Warhammer

  29. I think I'd like to try for the Mark of the Ninja game~ It seems pretty fun.
    Youtube: ThePyrokin
    Steam: intimidating_pyro
    Sometimes the Steam profile page for me may not appear in the search, so if it doesn't message me :)

  30. I would love to get Warhammer 40,000!
    YouTube: slyandthegang (same as steam)

  31. I Would love to get Warhammer Space Marine please!
    Youtube- Soap250
    Steam- loppyman

  32. Mark of the Ninja looks like an amazing stealthy game! My youtube username is ncj53096 and my steam id is Fail Ninja. Keep up the awesome vids on the channel Con :D

  33. I would like to get Warhammer.

  34. I would enjoy a lil warhammer cause the game reminds me a bit of the funny and awesome aspects of both you (con) and jed.

  35. Gibe Warhammer 40k Spess Marheen plz
    Youtube: Unprox1
    Steam: unprox

  36. seems like an awesome competition
    warhammer 40.000
    youtube: crackkillers1
    steam: Gravebored

  37. Cool!
    Mark of The NInja
    Youtube: uriflagrate11
    Steam: id/Its_uri

  38. I would like Mark of the Ninja
    YouTube: keepnmyj0y
    Steam: Baby Nuggs

  39. Alright, here we go!
    Game: Mark of the Ninja
    Youtube: vyetka035
    Steam: Cheesey
    Note: Being a common name, id is /FFCCheesey

  40. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    Youtube: bob15253545
    steam: bob15253545

  41. Game: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    Steam: Chozinet
    Youtube: Chozinet
    Already have Mark of the Ninja and is really a great game with amazing mechanics

  42. Game: Mark of the Ninja
    Steam: MagHobo
    Youtube: Robinax97

  43. Cool idea! I already own both so I won't enter this time but I'll look out for the next one :)

  44. Game: Mark of the Ninja

    Great job with the vids guys, you rock :)

  45. Game: Mark of the ninja
    Steam: Mrevasivepants
    Youtube: GamersHelpers

    I find it nice what you guys are doing, also, just for an old fashion gag, why dont you put the names inside a hat? like... a funny random hat that you got, that'd be neato.
    Regards from Portugal!

  46. Game: Mask of the Ninja
    Steam: KevinsLunchbox
    Youtube: KevinofRepublic

    I figured I'd give it a try anyways.

  47. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    Steam: NinjaGuy16
    Youtube: iPodSniper18
    Can't wait to see you pull the names out of a hat lol

  48. Mark of the Ninja please.
    Youtube: Vizharan93


  49. I'll be looking forward on the Conclusion of the Competition. xD

    Mark of Ninja

    And gratz on ye 100th video man! xD

  50. I'll give it a go if it's not too late.
    Mark of the Ninja
    Steam: Cross_CJR
    Youtube: xcrossx

  51. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine would be awesome!



  52. My youtube doesn't register so my gmail is mustang.damion.97 and my steam is dayhundra

  53. I'd like to try my hand at Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.
    Youtube name: KajunAks
    Steam name: AznAks
    Best of luck to everyone!