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Monday, March 4, 2013

Competition 4 winners!

  BLEAH!  Another vet visit, another $130 gone.  Why the fuck can't I have a thats NORMAL!  Anyway, here we go!

Castle Crashers!  -   YouTube Name: Urzaran

Tower Wars! -   YouTube Name: Jensettiman 

MX vs ATV Reflex-    Youtube name : soccerbloodfire2 

Congrats!  If you could message me on youtube that would be great.  Otherwise I'll chase you up after a couple days.  I'll be putting up a new game comp probably tomorrow so look forward to that.

1 comment:

  1. I guess what's good is that you have a good cat; troublesome medically, yes. But not a dud.

    F.Y.I. A "dud" is a cat that is autistic in that they are adorable, and that is their only good trait. They lack personality and intelligence. And often get drooly and overly-lovey when older. xD