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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The interview

So today I had a job interview.  Sadly for me it wasnt your standard type.  I decided to go half hour early just so I could get to where it was without being late.   This was a smart idea since I expected shit to happen.  When I got there I was greeted with heaps of construction happening, so certain areas were blocked off etc, so I couldnt even tell where this building was.

After 20min of roaming about in the deliciously hot sun, I got directions and managed to make it with a few minutes to spare.  But I was sweating a little so this distracted me.  Come into the interview I've got 3 supervisors interviewing me.  Great.  Ones bad enough but 3 shooting questions at you is even worse.  I like to think I'm good at reading people, so during interviews I study the faces, any kind of twitch, where their hands are, shoulder motions etc.  It lets me know when to add extra info to a question asked or leave it as is.

Oh sure that sounds like a tall tale.  But I've had a previous interview where the supervisor told my friend who was working there, that I answered all their questions too perfectly.  I didnt get the job.  Why?  Because they gave it to some girl who needed help turning her pc on during her first day.  I'm not even going to get into that bullshit either, cause I'll be ranting for pages over it.

So anyway, pretty sure the interview went great.  That part I was expecting.  The second part though was a half hour practical exam I was supposed to sit through.  they'd give me 3 questions and I'd have to work them out on their system.  This is the part I knew I'd not do well in.  I mean how the fuck am I supposed to know their workings if I've never worked for them before.  You learn that shit when you start working!  So I spent 25min on 1 question making sure it was right cause it was a stupid one to work out, and the other 5min trying to finish the second, which I never did.  I'd like to stress these arent simple 1-2 paragraph answer type questions.  They're actual working with figures and inputting data into a system and figuring out which to use and which to ignore and blah.

So yeah, obviously didnt do that part, which is the essential part.  I do not expect to get it so I've removed it from my mind.  Hopefully the next job I'm waiting on will contact me soon.  My damn cats fever has returned from the infection that hasnt healed so its vet bills once again.


  1. i hope your cat gets better mate .

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    1. haha thats 3 fleshlight posts in 1 day, the spammers are starting to look through my purchase history it seems! I dont want to enable the stupid code thing to input just to post. Those are annoying. But I can handle deleting a few a day.