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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finally its out

You know what I love?  Pre-ordering something 5 years ago and getting it today.  Thats how amazing blizzard are.  At least it came out which is a miracle on its own.  I'm talking about the new Starcraft 2 expansion.  I grabbed the collectors edition mainly because I want the art book, and I enjoyed that in the previous games CE bundle.

Such deliciousness.  Art book is fairly large like it should be.  Small art books that sometimes come with games piss me off so much.  Now I'll need to find a moment to load this up and go stupid.


  1. Mate that looks awesome! Schweeeeet.

    1. My damn cat keeps trying to sit on the box. He ignores every other box except this one lol

    2. Of course he does. Because he knows you'll sit there like a mug and let him :p