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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank you pc!

A while back I realized upgrading my nvidia drivers would semi break Powerdirector, what I use to make the clips.   So I've done my best to avoid updating it since the 301 series.  Well its up to 314 now, been a year since I updated and I needed to this time.  I've been playing bioshock infinite who a good local friend of mine bought it for me since he knew money was dumb and I probably wouldnt get around to it till a sale 3-6months from now.  Probably 6.  So yeah, pretty thrilled since thats rare.  Luckily I had a bunch of games in my library that I could pass over to him that he was interested in so I dont feel bad.

Anyway, the developer in all their fucking uselessness have done a few things in the games engine that I'm not pleased about, considering that they've been working with the same engine for many years.  One thing is when you activate vsync the game locks itself at 30 frames.  This is bullshit as it makes it a little jerky.  After playing it a couple hours I needed to see if there was a fix.  Turns out a few other things are broken too.  But I found the new drivers can force it and I'll be using vsync at 60 frames so I did that.  At times the game feels like locking at 30 again, but doing a quick look around the room seems to snap it out of its stupidness.

So now my video editor is a bit spastic.  Where as before I could compress things at say 13k bitrate and it would look nice, I now have had to find different ways to get it to work as its coming out all blocky and artifacty.  Thats a real word btw.  Real because I wrote it!  So The past 4 or so days I've been looking at other programs and stuff, and while I've found a couple good ones, I've managed to figure out a way that will hopefully make everything work again.  For whatever reason mpeg2 codec seems to work.  If I'm setting it between 25k-32k bitrate it comes out looking great.  At least so far on some of the clips I've experimented on.  The downside at the moment is clips are double the size.  So instead of me taking 7-8 hours or so to upload a eneric 2.3gb file for about 25min of video, I now do over 4gb for that same amount.   So I'd end up taking anywhere from 13-16 hours to upload stuff, and that sif my net isnt being stupid.  There have been times where my normal ones took 16hours.  Which is another reason I dont focus too much on youtube compared to others who upload stuff.  Sometime later this year we'll FINALLY have fibre, so maybe then my uploads wont be horrible.

So yeah, at the moment I've got a 19min clip thats just over 3gb.  I'll have to suffer that.  But I'll probably make some videos smaller depending on where I can cut it off without it looking shit.  Hopefully this mpeg2 thing works out for everything.  I've noticed my BF3 clips are fucking PICKY.  Times like this I wish I had a sexy laptop to do all my video editing from.  Probably a macbook so I can use Final Cut Pro, the best video editor out there but only for macs.  Oh well.  Chances of me ever affording something like that is...uh..ZERO!  Especially if I'm trying to save up for a disney trip to america next year.  Chances of that happening is dropping.  Need to find a job in the next 2-3months for that to even happen, otherwise pushed to the next year, and lord knows if I'll even be able to do that at all.

At least I'm still fairly healthy and not living on the street so I cant be all that upset at things.  Need to focus on the positives more rather than negatives or you'll be a miserable bastard for the rest of your life.  And thats no fun.

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