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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Macross 30th anniversary PS3 game

There are certain things I cant avoid.  And this is one of them.  I came across it by complete accident last year and saw it was on preorder.  I'm a massive Macross whore and freaked out when I saw this was actually a CURRENT preorder and not something I'd missed out on a couple years back as is usually the case..  The game actually looked great, and thats saying something as most of the Macross games have never been too good.  Theres a decent side scroller one and another 3D style on the psx and dreamcast if I recall, but they always lacked something.  Now this new one isnt perfect, but it looks pretty good and fun.

Sadly the biggest problem with this game is that its ONLY in japanese.  So while I'll be missing out on the original story they've made and the tie ins with previous characters from all the series, my biggest hurdle will be the damn shop and equipment screens to build up my mechs.  I plan to wait a little while till some faqs come out, or hopefully come out, so I can read what I'm looking at in the equipment screens.  If you're fluent in japanese feel free to move in with me.

Now the game finally came out and I was in for a shock!

This is what I was shown for the preorder.  There are some character cards, Basara at the bottom there, and also an art book with character sketches and stuff.  What I didnt realize was, unlike most other things where everything is photoshopped to roughly the same size so they can put it on the advert and not take up too much room, everything in this picture is actually the size of a ps3 game box.  So I was disappointed.  I expected a little bit more for a 30th anniversary.  The second slap was this...

Thats the game and the box it came in with.  Looks completely different to whats advertised above.  This one looks more like a japanese love simulator romance game.  And the box art is just too busy.  At least all the other stuff looked the same, which are in the box.  And also not as thick as the box shown above.  Anyway, I'm still thrilled to have it.  Just wish it would come out in english.  Thanks heaps Harmony Gold you pieces of shit!  Buy the license and then do fuck all with it.  Now to just hope they make a new Macross series thats actually as good as the older ones and not sub par as the recent stuff.

Heres a video of the game.  Some animated stuff with the new characters and then gameplay.

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