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Friday, March 1, 2013

My cat will be the end of me

So too my cat to the vet today because he's been acting weird.  Hasnt taken a shit in probably 4 days, little energy, loses balance slightly when walking.  I figured he was sick but I didnt want to take any chances waiting longer to see if it cleared up so I took him in.  Turns out he has a strong fever.  Cats are meant to be around 35-38 degrees celsius with temperature.  Mine was 43.  So he got some magic needles and I paid another $140.   I swear to god I need to get a job quickly because all my savings are almost gone because of him.

One thing that happened which completely stunned me was when the vet was putting him back into his carry cage case box thing, as he went to close the door my cat freaked out.  Started hissing and spitting and growling, lashing out with his claws.  He's always pretty docile there so even the vet was startled.  I was thinking maybe it could of been the aircondition that affected him slightly.  He's been camped in my room non stop for the past couple weeks and I've had that turned on since its so hot.  So today I didnt turn it on and left the door open and I went and slept in the spare room with the aircon there lol.  Fucking cat.

Heres a picture of him keeping my alien statue company.


  1. He's got so much age on him...I mean, you could try and give him wet cat food to get his weight up and get some luster back in his coat (and because his teeth are probably hurting him)...bah. And the pain happens when the body doesn't have enough fluids, which is a common problem for cats who won't drink tap water.

    The fever probably went along with achiness so he was likely in pain, and it might have been to the point where he was trying to defend himself from the pain he was feeling by lashing out, not knowing it wasn't anything outside of him.

    Feel his ears to see if they're warm, and if they ever are again, wet them with some cold water. Ears and paws are where they lose heat fastest.

    ANYHOW (sorry, i work with animals nowadays and know too much), I hope the donation helped a little. Like I've said before, if it was Buffy, I'd be doing what you're doing. But sometimes, money can be an issue. :/

    1. I totally wasnt expecting a donation since I never get them, but thanks heaps for that, really appreciated. anytime I grab his paws he grabs onto my finger and doesnt let go. The vet suggested dropping some oil into his food to keep him regular. He seemed to like it and lapped it up, which I wasnt expecting since hes a massive food snob.

    2. Fish Oils are really good for them, it'll help restore his coat's lustre, which even in that that is visibly gone sadly. But yeah, try and rub some water on his ears then, he won't like it at first but only at first, it'll help him cool down faster. Buffy would kill me if I touched her paws as well.

    3. that pic*, not that that.

    4. I'll have to look into the fish oil thing. Curious to see if he'll actually eat that with food. btw did you get the email I sent?

    5. Microsoft junked it <<; And eh, I looked at my funds and honestly, I'm doing pretty good for myself right now so it's really no problem. I wouldn't send if I didn't have the money :3