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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Well well..

So today I walked outside and saw something interesting.  Ususally when I leave I'll look over to the place where Kyo is burried and give him a little greeting.  But today something was a little different. The little cat sculpture isnt in its usual spot as I'm busy coating it in about 27 layers of this special varnish thats usually used on boats so the elements dont destroy it.  So right now theres nothing there.  Except this..

Those plastic flowers lying down there are always firmly planted in the swam statue.  They've never come out before.  Now they're lying almost exactly over the spot Kyo is buried.   I had my mum come outside and asked her if she'd done that since only she plays with the garden.  She was surprised and said no.  So theres only one explanation.   Kyo was playing with like he used to.  Thats my official explanation and no one will convince me of otherwise.  You go Kyo.  Make those flowers your bitch.

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