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Monday, April 18, 2011

Chocolate covered nuts

Been playing Total War Shogun 2.  Man that game is something else.  I really love that series to death.  But its brutally hard at times. I wonder if I'll be able to finish it before The Witcher 2 comes out.  I doubt it.  I should be able to play a good chunk of it soon as from friday to tuesday its a 5 day weekend for us over here.  Easter friday and monday, and tuesday is anzac day.  Very rare for that day to fall on a tuesday.

One of the best parts about this is I'll be able to get together with jed for some gaming, and what with portal 2 and a bunch of other co-op games we have in queue to play, we should be able to get some videos up for you lot to watch.  Cant promise they'll be entertaining, but it'll be something.  I havent tested my mic yet but I'm pretty sure it should be fine.  Thankfully my friends will be bugging me in the evenings to do stuff with them so I should be fine to play with him.

Also quick update on the upcoming comic jed is working on, we're trying for a new sharper look to it to see how it goes.  I think I mentioned this before but I've seen a couple panels so far and I think it looks quite nice.  It'll be easier to tell once the whole page is done.  I dont want to give a timeline on it since I know jeds pretty busy often, but if we're lucky it should be done by next weekend.  But it could take a little longer. As I said, I really dont know, it depends on how much he works on it.  Also I paid off that piece of SHIT $650 tax cockslap I was served with.  Good thing I've been saving up.  It just means I need to save up longer now to help my parents with the kitchen renovation they want to do.  Oh well.  Working working..

In the meantime heres what I'd look like if I had a majestic MULLET

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  1. Lucky five day weekend. My two day one felt like only one night... Oh well, at least it'll net us a good amount of content.

    Also, I love your horribly shopped images. They make me lol every time.