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Thursday, April 21, 2011

If only I had a god damn rocket launcher

Today was the day I almost had my very first traffic accident.  Over the past 17 years of driving, my reflexes have been second to none and got me out of some freakishly scary moments.  Today I had to call on them again.  I was on the way to work and at least 5 times I was cut off by someone wanting to get infront of me in my lane.  Because of these stupid people my trip to work went slower then it should have, getting caught up in bits of traffic or held up by red lights.  And it was because of all this that I almost met my end.

On the last road that takes me to work, its a long stretch down 5 blocks through the side roads so not that populated.  Further down was an intersection where people must give way to you because thats how the fucking road system works.  I saw this lady slow down her massive SUV and wait for me to pass.  I was happy with this as everytime I come down this road I think someones going to just clean me up because they didnt stop. 

So now I'm about 20 yards away from her, she's been stopped barely 5seconds, and suddenly SOMETHING clicks in her stupid head and she drives forward and turns into my lane, REALLY SLOWLY THOUGH, and she does this when I'm about 20 yards from her.  I had to slam my breaks, first time I've done that in years, and skidded my way and stopped half a yard from her suddenly STOPPED vehicle.  My car had turned on a 45 degree angle or so because if I had been facing straight forward I would of easily slammed into her.  So I do something I never do and thats beep my horn at her. Heres the fucking stupid part.  After I beep she PULLS over to the side of the road and waits for me to pass her.  I does your fucking brain work woman!  Unbelievable.


  1. I read about a driver that was talking on their phone while eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and reading a book while driving with her knees.

  2. Road rage is never a good thing, but she definitely deserved to get the finger for that, or obscenities shouted at her.

  3. Just be glad you don't drive in the New York City area. No one knows how to drive here.

    There's a One Way street near my home that I use often, and I can no longer count the times I've had someone driving at me in the wrong direction. Then I honk my horn and they look at me like I'm the crazy one.

    When I was attending the University of Scranton, the road off the highway and into the city "merged" with another road, and the road off the highway had a Yield sign. The thing is (and the reason I have merged in quotes) is that there was no merge. Two lanes came off the highway, joined one lane from another part of town, and continued on as 3 lanes (2+1 -> 3). People would stop at the Yield sign if there other cars nearby. Stop while they were in the lane farthest from the "merge"! I'm doing 35mph and they're jamming on their brakes in front of me for no reason! This happened at least once a week.

  4. It's Darwin Con. I was in an almost accident Wednesday because some P plater decided to cut me off and they had no blinker or anything... some people these days need to go take some driving lessons to refresh their minds

  5. @LucifersAngel112

    People that can't drive for shit shouldn't drive at all...

    It's bad here in Perth, too many idiots at peak hour at around 4 - 6 am then 4 pm - 6 pm. Horrible times to drive. A 40 minute drive can turn into about a 2 hour stopping fest.

  6. She might have had an off day, who knows.

    Oddly, the other day I almost had an accident in a part of town I was rarely in; I didn't see far enough to my left, I believe due to a bush or a sign, and had started to go forward and saw someone...I had gone too far so I just slammed on the gas to get in front of them to avoid an accident.

    Later on I realized I was in the wrong lane at a 4 way intersection and had to get in their I turned my blinker on and, as I felt horrible and wished I could tell the person I had a moment of absolute idiocy, I stopped until they were fully in front so I could pull into the lane, even if they weren't going too fast.

    I wish I had a signal light that says, 'sorry'. The guy looked at me like I was some sort of stupid teenage child.

  7. "I does your fucking brain work woman!"

    You've answered your own question. It's a woman... driving. Two things that don't go well together. Like nitroglycerine and jackhammers.