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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plans reversed

Jed!  Make me some new avatars and stop drawing porn!  Actually Jeds hard at work, supposedly, on the new comic strip which will be a big one.  The story will finally start to flow from here and he'll be doing a few cosmetic changes to it that I requested.  We'll see how it looks.  I'm pretty excited.  At this rate we should see it by next month lol

So today was fairly interesting, continuing from yesterday which was also interesting.  I've mentioned before my desire to leave my job once my probation ended which is this coming monday.  Well yesterday I spoke to my boss and told him my plans.  He pretty much said how they were finding my performance good and would like me to reconsider.  I said I'd see how I feel in a few days, which is polite way of saying no.  He chatted with me a little more and told me what I'd be doing in the next few months.  Apologized for tossing me into the deep end 2 weeks into my time there and said they'd be shifting me back to the easier tasks so I can get more comfortable.  So I thought to myself...hmm....easier work.. thats incentive to stay a little longer. 

Anyway today I go into work and the big boss comes up at me and asks for a private chat.  I've casually chatted to him briefly now and then but not like this.  He said he'd heard I was considering leaving and that he'd like me to stay, blahblah, wants to shift my probation period from monday to this coming friday and keep me.  I said sure why not.  Later in the day I get an email requesting I sign paper TODAY to become a permanent employee.  I tell you its a good feeling to be wanted.  So I'm going to stay for a few more months at least.  This way I'll be able to afford my perth visit in june I think it was, for another convention and dressing up as cobra!  Sadly this gives me less time to do some stuff I was planning on.  Like learn how to use this fucking expensive camera I bought a while back.   Oh, when I came out of the office after signing my papers I saw this on the roof.  Some of you may say its a reflection from the glass.  I say its a fucking rainbow.  A good sign.


  1. YEAAAH Power of the rainbooooow!!!!

  2. Then came the question as to why you were signing papers on the ceiling.

  3. Jed's drawing my legs, thankyouverymuch.

    And the only thing that would've made that better if it was a double rainbow. Man.

  4. I'm glad you're sticking with that job. I'm unemployed 9 months and counting, and I have no desire to see another person go through it if it's not absolutely necessary.

  5. I'm really happy to hear that you're going to stay there. Hopefully they aren't just jerking you around though. Oh, and nice drybow. Think about it. :P