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Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone PEN me.

As you may have heard Con and I are working on some Portal co-op videos. As always I was the first to finish my version of the movie and now wait for Con. He'll probably take forever as he believes he lives on the moon. That and the royal wedding is happening today (yesterday?) and Con loves everything England. Like soccer. Or fuuuuuuuutball as they call it.

Now since my blind and unprovoked picking on Con is over with I took some of my free time last night to do some drawing again. The comic I was suppose to release 3 weeks ago is still not done. Its so aggravating wanting to finish a project and you are stuck at work all the time. Even right now I am typing this with the last few mins I have before I leave for work again. Next week I got a few more hours off and that'll help.

I do want to share this with you though. I been working with a new program called SAI and its a great tool for artist. Almost a hour was spent last night messing with pen settings so I can get the right feel/depth. I think I am getting the hang of it.


  1. The amount of detail on this is amazing Jed! You should post more art! I think everyone would love to see.

  2. Muhahahaha I saw that picture already. >:3 Still amazing, nonetheless. Wonderful job.

    Also, for anyone angry that the comic isn't ready yet, you can yell at me. I think it's my fault. Pout.

  3. That looks really good. And, just like a woman, it looks like you spent more time on the hair than on anything else.

  4. Jed Check out Sketch Book Pro. I use it for pre- inks and think it's great.