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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today is a happy day.  Jed and I have pretty much got the first video of our playthrough of portal 2 ALMOST finished.  With luck it'll be up today.   Otherwise tomorrow definitely.  And then Jed can focus on finishing the next comic.

I finally got my new headset in to replace my broken one.  With luck it'll fix most of my sound issues and give better quality.  They're the Logitech G35.  Very awesome headset, excellent reviews, everyone I know whos used one swears by it.  I'm also a bit of  a logitech whore at heart so thats good.  Now fingers crossed it didnt come to me broken. 

Got to finally watch Megamind today.  That film is heaps awesome.  You should totally watch it if you havent yet.  Top film with awesome CG. and very funny.

Yesterday I got to try out mcdonalds new double chocolate fudge royal milkshake, or whatever its called.  It was scrummier then I'd expected.  And probably added on an extra 700 calories olollolo.  HERES ME DRINKING IT!


  1. Can't wait to watch you & Jed!!
    And that Milkshake look Outrageously yummy OuO

  2. Sounds delicious!
    I don't really eat ice cream but if I did I would totally have that ^-^

  3. You cheated on Sennheiser?!?! I'm telling!!!

  4. I never really did like Will Ferrell. Actually, I only like him when he's not trying to be funny.

    The way you've been segueing into your photos lately always makes me laugh.

  5. Megamind? oK I'm gonna watch it tonight OuO

    Oh! And the photo is awesome!!! 83

  6. Are those anime PVC figures' boxes on the top left of the photo?

  7. Yep. But I'm at a friends place. Thats not my room.