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Friday, April 15, 2011


You have no idea how fucked off I am.  That subject title doesnt do it justice.  A month or so back I got a letter from the taxation board saying I didnt claim certain wages in my recent tax return.  This amount was from when I was on unemployment benefits payments while I was looking for a job.  I remember being told by someone that I didnt have to claim this.

Anyway apparently I am meant to.  So I called the taxation board and they said since it was a first time I wouldnt get penalized.  However what I wasnt told is this stupid amount SOMEHOW changes the rules of my reality.  I now OWE these bastards $650.  I seriously am not fucking happy.   If I somehow owed like $100, maybe $200, I could handle that.  But $650?  Fuck me.  I'm paying tax on my tax.  Thank you world.  Makes you wonder why you even bother working and not just suiciding at birth.  Thank you Australian government.  Thank you from the bottom of my fucking heart.  Next time just come over and rape me with a pointed stick.

Heres the best part.  You know how long I have to pay them before they destroy me?  2 weeks.  I have 2 weeks to give them $650.  /wrists



  2. Tax on unemployment? I've never heard of such a thing. That basically means the government gives you money for you to give some back.

  3. $650 without a penalty, wtf would it have been with a penalty? $1000, your left testicle, first born son and half the gas in your car

  4. Oh damn. I guess you're pretty glad you didn't leave that job of yours a while back at least, though.

    It's pretty shitty.... but things could always be worse.

    (That 2 week thing kills me though. Really?)

  5. You could use superpowers to change reality so I dont have to pay it. That would be nice.

    Apparently its because I started a job that specific year and if you start working you're supposed to add your unemployment money to your tax, which then gets taxed. Like real good incentive to get a job while you're on payments. Furious doesnt even begin to describe it. And yes things could always be worse. Its the only reason I havent put a hole in my wall.

  6. Holy Crap-N-Hack O_O
    thats just...a stupid amount of money! D:

  7. Wow. At least its not more than $650.

    Odious' comment made me raff though.

    /wrists... I haven't seen that in years. And even though its still funny, its sad at the same time.

  8. i know, why dont you "save them" with a molly?
    seriously though, thats complete bullshit