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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sitting in something wet

Man my last two weeks have been a head ache but more in the sooooooul. Con has been pressuring me to find a new job and I think I am going to finally start taking it serious.

There is just a point were poor leadership, morale, and costumer service hits a point so low it blends together like a tacobell bio-product. I do think honestly I want to do a good job at my work but the unprofessional practices make work days so aggravating I carry that burden home with me.

Jobs that should only be 3-4 hours to complete become 2-5 day projects. I could for example set up a 40ft of display Tvs in the order I was instructed to. Come back tomorrow and they want it mirrored instead. So once again I find myself doing the same job twice. Once done they find out they jumped the gun and need the TVs BACK to how it was before. So you do it again. I shouldn't complain but after a while you just become tired of it. More so when they use you as a excuse to why it wasn't done 3 days ago. "Jed didn't set the mod right".

Since our new managers the most common question I am asked is "Is anyone working in...", "Do you know when someone will be back in.." "Can you get me help in..." You know when you call tech support and DREEEEEAD the inevitable foreign voice on the other end that is no help to you?  We are becoming more and more on that level.

Our full time staff is being reduced to 18% while pushing the work loads on others. In short we have more low wedge part time employees, with no insurance or benefits, working 3-6 different departments a week with no training in any of them. As a costumer how would you like every visit you make to be greeted with a "This is my first day working here" level of help.

With that little rant out of the way..I had a new problem come up recently. My poor little dog Cloe is having potty time issues. For several nights now she has been wetting the bed wherever she is sleeping. It seems to be accidental..that or she is the best troll I have even seen. I made her a vet appointment for tomorrow morning.


  1. I can level with you there on that rant. I used to work in a very competent sports shop with a very good manager and work colleagues. After a good 2 years working there our manager got a promotion and left our store to be filled with a new graduate to take over as manager. As time went on it was obvious that he had no idea how things worked out in real life and that his ideas would not work the same way he thought them up in his head.

    In the space of about 3 months the manager had fired most of our very good work colleagues and hired his family/friends as replacements who had no idea what they were doing and got let off all the time with all the burden put onto us.

    I remember that after about 4 months everyone that originally worked there had left and the store is now shut down. Thats what happens when idiots take over.

  2. Working in retail is never pretty. There's a lot of "the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing" thing going on. And you, of course, are inevitably caught in the middle.

    I remember waking up every day to go to work and physically feeling a little bit of my soul getting sucked out of my body each time.

  3. Con's been pressuring you?! I've been pushing you to find a new job for like two years now!!! :P Good luck in your job hunt!

  4. 18% full time is such a small number of people for a place as big as wal-mart. Gtfo of there, haha.

    Although, I like dealing with people that are new to their job or position. I see myself as a really patient and understanding person. It allows them to learn whatever they need to without pressure of some jerk breathing down their neck.

  5. Hah, I believe I've been pressuring you to find a job too. That freakin' place is just...horrifying.

    You forgot to mention how they like to sneakily change your work schedule in ways that they aren't allowed to. I mean, yeah, you tell them "uh, nope!" but some people can't. And it's just so stupid that they do that.

    Also. I hope Cloe is okay. The poor thing...