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Monday, April 11, 2011

Its monday monday......wait thats wrong.

Today started off with a lol for me.  While at work boss was going around speaking to random people about whatever and then he came over to me and informed me that to his surprise I'd gotten the second highest jobs completed in the last few months.  Which means I pwned.  I told him to say it a bit louder so the stooge beside me who thinks I do nothing heard it.

Home was an entirely different thing.  Since I live with my parents I have to help them with this or that at times, and one of those times came when someone called and dad couldnt understand him, because his english isnt hugely super duper.  The only problem about this is I actually COULDNT help him at the time.  When I heard the phone ring I thought to myself LOL FOR MUM as I walked my single minded way towards the toilet.  30seconds later I found out it wasnt for mum but for MYSTERY person as the conversation follows...

Dad-  Con, are you free?

Me <in toilet> -  No

Dad-  Theres a guy on the phone and I cant understand a word he's saying

Me- Thats good

Dad- Can you speak to him?

Me- You're joking right?

Dad- I can pass you the phone through the door

Me- I'd really prefer if you didnt

Dad - Are you going to be long?

Me- Possibly

Dad - ..................if I tell him to wait--


And then he finally left me.  I dont know what happened to that phone call or who it was but I'm guessing my dad hung the phone up after saying some weak line, possibly needing to go greek dance or something.

Been playing Batman Arkham Asylum lately.  That game is pretty awesome.  Waaaay better then I expected it to be.  The stage design is brilliant, graphics are  really nice on the pc, especially with physX effects with the leaves and papers flying around.  And the voice acting is excellent.  It really has surprised me.  Really looking forward to the second one.  Heres a drawing of Batman I did in mspaint a couple years ago for fun.  And just for reference, thats a stone gargoyle, NOT A PIG!


  1. I would've guessed everything ELSE than a stone gargoyle, actually.

  2. Most awkward conversation ever.

    Also, that's an awesome stone gargoyle. I wouldn't have guessed pig at all.

  3. I love stories like that. Especially when people are talking to you from another room or laughing at something you said from across the house. Something about disembodied laughter is hilarious to me.

  4. Gargoyle pig demon

  5. ...I'm still pretty sure it's Pignubis. :'D

  6. Stone gargoyle...Sure. That's a blow up doll. :D

  7. On the bright side, it looks like a cute cockroach/pig :3