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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Screw you pc

So the day finally came where I would have to stop putting it off hoping everything would fix itself up and just finish the damn job.  Finally got to meet up with Jed today, we were going to slap on portal 2 and give it a shot since we've been both twitching to play it as we loved the first one.  I attempted to get my mic working and as I feared my pc didnt want it.  Both my usb and analogue mic both would not work properly with my pc.  Even though the system was picking them up it just didnt want to work in steam. I saw that coming.  And ofcourse just to mock me my usb mic worked with skype.  Funny thing about this is it doesnt any more.  Halfway through our conversation my actual usb headset DIED, so now I'm stuck with just the analogue one.

So I've been backing up all my crap and getting ready to reinstall windows.  Its a simple painless process and I did it hundreds of times before at my job, but when you do it to your own pc you just really really hate it.  I just want this piece of shit to work.  Fingers crossed a reinstall will get it working like it used to.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow when jed appears and we try to play.

The other day I needed to get some new toothpaste as my one was about to run out.  Thats right I have my own toothpaste that noone else touches for risk of me obliterating them.  I have the cool tube one where you press the top and it squeezes out.  LIKE SO!

I love it.  The little nozzle thing at the top keeps everything so clean and nice.  Plus no more squeezing the botton of the tube and twirling it to get the rest out of the damn thing, this just presses everything upwards.  So anyway, I went to the store and omg they were all sold out.  I didnt want the stupid old style tubes cause they piss me off.  Thats when I noticed the other brand Macleans had their own version, but it was a GEL one.  Now I'm only familiar with Gillette shaving cream GEL, where you squeeze a little out and when you rub it on your face it sort of expands and goes crazy.  Well colour me pink when I squeezed a little on my toothbrush, shoved it in my mouth, and was suddenly foaming like a rabid dog.  Anyone seen that Ryan Renolds movie Just Friends, and the epic Blue Berry scene?  That was me.  It made brushing my teeth like a ride at the amusement park.  I so enjoyed myself that day.  I actually brushed again 4 times and I didnt even need to.

So I'm about to reinstall windows.  With luck I will return.  If not I'm paying someone to do this shit for me to save me the stress cause I hate working on my own pc.  Its a brain thing.   I've got many brain things.  None of them good.


  1. I too seem to have many brain things, very few of them good.

    Anyway, good luck with your PC. I've experienced the horror and annoyance of having to reinstal windows many times.

  2. I've never seen a toothpaste thing like that. I'm not sure if we have them here... Next time I get toothpaste I'll have to keep a lookout for it.

    Good luck with the microphone problems. Again.....

  3. "It's a simple painless process and I did it hundreds of times before at my job, but when you do it to your own pc you just really really hate it."

    This is SO true ;_; dammit when my 8800 GTS died, I baked it, then my system got infected with a virus. Had to backup all, buy a new GPU and reinstall Windows.

    Wish you the best of luck with that.

  4. Technology is our friend. Oh, good; my sarcasm is still intact. Good thing Windows isn't in my head yet.

  5. "In the end, I just want to say that I don't HATE con or anything of the sort, I seriously still consider him a friend (albeit a bad one as of late, hoping that will change), I wish things hadn't ended up like this and I miss playing games with him and just all the dang good times, I really really do miss that and am more than sad he thinks the way he does about me currently." - Kilplix

    Whether it's crap or not, just wanna say the good old times were awesome. The present time's pretty fucking great, too. Don't know why I said this here. Guess I like being random. Hahahaha.