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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Head against the wall

Well today has been brilliant for me.  Zero sleep at all and had to drive into town to take my mum to the dentist.  Her appointment was at 5pm, which was fine.  But the day before she tells me its changed to 8:30am for zero reason.  My sleeping patterns at the moment dont work with these times.  So I went to bed at 2am and just rolled till 6am and got up.  So zero sleep YAY!   Now she's getting something done thats a little complicated, so I'm having to translate from english to greek.  Anyone who knows multiple languages will know just how infuriating this can get.  Trying to speak to the dentist while my mum keeps butting in wanting to know whats being said, while I'm trying to follow so I can translate for her.  Drove me up the wall.

The worst was when we got home and I had to make another appointment for her and she kept asking questions while I'm talking on the phone, even tried to lecture me on why I was laughing a little on the phone with the lady because she somehow finds this to be unprofessional or whatever.  Got off the phone and totally raged at her.  Trying to help her out and having to listen to her while I'm on the phone no less.  You cant focus.  Told her a billion times Australians laugh a lot, they're friendly, its easy going, thats how we fucking are.  If you got issues with it sod off back to greece.  Had enough of her shit for a day.

As least I saw something entertaining today.  I looked out my window and saw two dogs just going for it.  Very naughty!  But then they suddenly stopped.  10seconds later a school bus passes.  Once its gone the two dogs start up again.  They obviously didnt want the kids to see what they were doing.  Such nice dogs!

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  1. My bus wasn't so lucky. We stopped at someone's house to let them off, his little chubby 5-year-old brother hops off his bike, rips off his pants and starts doing the helicopter. The bus driver found out a minute later.