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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh lol

So the other day I was scrounging around for something.  You know how you put something somewhere for safe keeping as you are 100% positive that you will not misplace it while its in that safe spot?  Yeah, thats always the worst place to put something you want to find. 

So I couldnt find it, although did the next day, and it was in a totally different place then it should of been but WHATEVER stupid thing!  I did however find something that made me lol.  One of my old school IDs.  I'm 19 here.  I have no idea why I look so young.  Must of been the lighting or something.  But yeah, loooooooooooooool

I'm sure you can see the resemblance.  I havent changed too much lllolololol.  I mean just compare this one of me at currently at 36!

CLEARLY zero difference!


  1. Actually you don't look different at all, and you DEFINITELY don't look 36.
    You look um... quite good :D

    1. I have the angry bird to thank for that.

    2. I'm accepting it gladly.

  2. If anything you look younger now, lol.