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Friday, August 24, 2012

Its a video

So I finally got hassled into a partnership on youtube, and since these guys are like the 3rd people to offer me I decided why not.  Only problem is I need to edit a few videos that have licensed music in them.  The thought of that almost made me turn away because thats just effort.  But I realized the little extra money, however small, would be pretty useful, mostly for Jed as a few things are changing for him soon.  He'll make an update about it down the track.

So basically for example, the portal clips we uploaded, I need to do something about the intros.  I dont know or think youtube has the ability to edit videos already uploaded without copying over the entire sound track.  I might have to reupload them which is a real bitch since all the comments will go and I like comments.  I might have to remove my halloween toy clip too because of a piece in it.  I'm hoping I can keep that there because theres no way to edit that one without splicing out scenes and I love that clip as is.

Now what this also means is I'm kinda going to be uploading a little more gameplay clips, specifically playthroughs for fun.  Jed plans to put some up himself too.  Most of the games I play wont really be recorded since they're usually management games like say Civilization, football manager, etc, or rpgs, and they'd not be too entertaining to watch.  But any versus style games or action ones I get around to, I'll upload them.  So my first clip is actually going to be Counter-strike GO.  I've been looking forward to this one for ages since I'm a fan of the series.  Now its not just the partnership thing thats made me decide to upload playthroughs.  I was already planning to do this as very soon getting to play any games with Jed will become even more rare than usual, so I didnt want to have zero game clips on my page.  Again, he'll update you lot soon over it.  But at least it means we'll both be uploading games clips of ourselves playing stuff.  I'm sure his commentary will be glorious.

So yeah, heres the clip.  Now I have to go off to waste my time voting for people I dont even know who are running.  I pay zero attention to politics.  I'm so shit at politics I keep forgetting what right and left wing mean.  I'm that disinterested. 

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  1. Well, I suppose it's better to get some money coming in.

    Lucky you with politics. Here there's almost no way to avoid it. :/