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Monday, August 13, 2012

So cold

Its been pretty cold here lately.  I'm sure my cold isnt cold to some of you, but for me 14-15degrees celcius is pretty cold as I'm used to 25-35.  Been like this close to a few months now.  Its awesome and crappy at the same time.  Its not hot which is super good.  But I end up staying in bed all day because its cold, screwing myself out of doing certain things, and I have a few things I need to do.

One thing I did was buy a new chair.  After like 3 years of searching I finally found one that was pretty cool.  So I went ahead and bought it.  Heres the pic.. All photos taken with my shitty iphone instead of my proper camera, because I'm retarded.

As you can see my cat has pretty much taken ownership of my previous chair.  The red one is the new one.  It was pretty comfortable.  Felt good, the back was awesome.  But on the second day I realized something I didnt like.  If you look down at the seat, the sides have little uplifted wing side bits.  These only slightly brush on against the sides of your thighs.  But after a while it seems to hurt.  Like someone taptapping you in spot on your arm, sooner or later thats going to start hurting.  Thats how this felt.  But it got worse and worse.  I basically couldnt sit on it anymore.  Called the store and they agreed to swap it for another.

Now the original person told me they could swap it, and whatever was left over would have to be a store credit.  Thankfully when I went in and found a chair I liked, it was cheaper, and the manager served me and refunded me the money.  That was pretty cool.

Finding a chair was entertaining for me.  I spent 2 hours roaming around the dozens of chairs they had, sitting on each for a few minutes, trying to judge, then eliminating the ones I didnt like.  I got down to 2 chairs, spent an hour between each of them shifting back and forth.  When I finally decided on one the girl who served me, who'd been thoroughly entertained by me frolicking back and forth,  asked how my arse felt after that.  I said totally pampered. I think she got embarrassed and said I didnt need to answer that.  But it was fun, a friend who works there even came over and sat on some chairs with me and chatted.  So heres the one I decided on.

Notice the thick padding.  Yes, it really is that comfy.  Had it for about 4 days and I'm still enjoying it.  The handrests move up and down, the chair up and down, the back can be altered, and also the seat can be changed to tilt more front ways or back, so I have heaps of control for how I like my chair.  I had the other chair for about 10 years so I guess an upgrade is good. 

While there I also saw a cabinet that looked like just what I was after.  My mum wanted something in the living room to replace this little dodgy table we had next to the tv that I placed my media players on.  Not very sturdy.  But I could never find anything small enough to fit there or have glass doors like my mother wanted.  So when I saw this I was there.

There it is all comfy between the tv and the treadmill.  My media players and bluray player housed inside it.  With my mums crap on top.  Good present for her I'd say.  I've sneakily hidden all the cables behind the curtain.  I'm like McGuyver, only shitter.


  1. That temperature is pretty much the, comfortable enough to run outside during the winter or early spring, but if it's fall you're miserable, temperature. It's been very hot over here. It's been 32 and less here (occasionally more), but still...daily, for the area I live? It's abnormal.

    ...I have this feeling your cat may decide to steal your new chair just because it's obviously a present for him.

  2. Those chairs look Godly, especially the Blue one you picked :)
    I wouldn't trade my chair for a thing, it's perfect to me in every way, though I'm a heavy set guy, so the padding on mine kinda flattened out over the course of 4 years...the arm rests are falling apart..if I had the cash I'd go out & buy the same chair. :)

  3. Still a fan of that cabinet. So hot..Mmmm.