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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Giana

Way back when I was a kid there was a game I played on my delicious Commodore 64, still one of the best games systems ever made.  It was called the Great Giana Sisters.  This game was a shameless knock-off of super Mario Brothers.  So much so that Nintendo forced them to stop selling it.

Now this game I loved.  Everyone who played it loved it.  I preferred it over Mario.  If you're interested in seeing it there are emulators and roms for it you can download that are extremely easy to find and use.  I dont have it at the moment which is why I havent put up any links.  But then again I dont think many would want to play something that old.

So imagine my surprise and frustration that I found this...

Frustration because its in the last 16 hours before it ends and no stupid site picked it up in the last month to report, or at least I didnt see it anywhere.  This is the sequel.  A SEQUEL!!  And its looking fucking awesome.  Funniest thing about it is its evolved about 4 million times from what it used to be.  Thats about 4 million times more than Mario has evolved after about 50 games.  I've already placed my name down for a copy and cant wait for it.  Theres also a link to a demo on the page in case you're curious.

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