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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bunch of Heroes clip

Well todays been interesting.  My cat has thrown up like 3 times in the last hour.  Directly after eating.  Now I know the food is fresh and the milk is good, so why directly after it?  Hopefully hes just got a temp stomach bug and cant hold much down.  I gave him some dry food just then but not too much, see how he handles that.  Hopefully he'll be right as rain in a day or so. He's still playful so he cant be feeling that sick.  Well fingers crossed, but obviously I'm gonna be worried over him for a few days.

So today I went through my videos and uploaded some gameplay from Bunch of Heroes that me, jed and crazy played.  Game seems to be ok, nothing super duper.  But if people like watching it for the game or the random chatter during it, I'll upload more.  We havent finished the game yet.  Not sure when we'll be able to.  Like many other games that we havent started.  graaar....

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