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Monday, August 27, 2012

CS:GO clip #2

This clip was a nightmare.  I encoded it like 8 times.  For some reason it refused to go under 2gb without corrupting.  So then add in another 10 hours for it to upload and process and BLEAH!  I think the frame rate might be off because of it, not sure.  Could just be firefox being shit like usual for me.  Cause its shit and I dont know why I dont use IE since its clearly better in every way.  Old habits I guess.  Enjoy my rubbish!


  1. Nice to have new videos of you to watch. Austin gets boring and cocky, and the other people I'm fans of...won't pay attention to their first fans anymore in favor of hotter fans. Woo.

    1. haha unlike other people I like to talk to my fans with my mouth, not my penis.

    2. You're probably the only internet celebrity that even pretends I exist. xD

    3. lol I'm sure plenty do. And I'm far from a celebrity. Only a small handful of people watch my clips. Lord knows why lol

    4. Oh yeah. Google Chrome all the way.