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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't cross the streams

So yesterday I went into a store called FYE. I have no clue what its short for. Many of you have probably heard of it. It reminds me a lot of a out of business retailer called Sam Goody.

They sell a lot of media centered merchandise. Movies, music, posters, games, shirts related to movies/comic/games ect that kind of stuff. I will admit there was some neat things. I got to see a Minecraft Creeper mug. I wanted it but it was $25. Jed said noooo thanks.

I also got to see a Super Nintendo handheld! Here let me go find it. Ah-Ha! Here it is. Check that thing out. Pretty cool. The only issue would be to get a great SNES cart collection started. I have all my old games but none of them are the SNES's actual best. Check out one of those sellers trying to pass off Super Mario World for $900! Pfffff!! I have the ROM thank you veeeeery much.

Now, I did find something I am pleased with. Ahem. Drum roll please...BOOM!

Ho-Ho-ho-ho! Looking forward to watching you again old friend. I do really well in this movie all except for the opening. Maybe its just my fear of old women or maybe its the fear I have of library cards but when she comes on screen...

This is her.

And this is me.


  1. Thats good enough for a silver! I am good with silver.

  2. that scene is brilliant!
    Ray: "Shhh!...Do you smell that?"