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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I love game physics

I love when weird things happen in games.  One series thats had  lots of scary things happen in it in the last 2 versions is Fifa, of which I've become a fan of since the 9th version I think as pro evolution soccer just went stupid.  The recent 13 has some gems.  This one especially I loved.


  1. lol do you play fifa alot or just like watch it on youtube? :) just liked to know if you would like to meet online :)
    And yes Pro Evolution Soccer is kinda .. dull :p

    1. I probably play it once every month or two. My friends who I play with are fairly slack so my skills are still in the average pool. Pro Evo used to be the best game of the 2 during the ps2 days. But somewhere along the line they lost their way and became shit. Its a little sad. FIFA used to be shit and now its somehow good. Mystery.

      If you're up for a challenge I've only got the game on PC through Origin. I usually buy it for the ps3 but this time the pc version was done well and the servers are always better than the consoles one.

    2. aha , love the fact that you play fifa , maybe you can post a video sometime in the future ? :)
      unfortunately i have fifa 13 on Xbox 360 but i have thought about buying it to pc because i never use the xbox anymore , i can agree that PES was fun on Ps2, PES 06 was the best one on Ps2 but as you sayd , it has lost it ways .
      Fifa was OK from 2005 to 2010 and then it became alot better , with the improvment of the skill and players faces , almost like they actully thought wait we can do this , we are better then PES . Lol .

  2. All I can think of us, "luv luv"