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Thursday, February 14, 2013

4K tvs are amazing

I'm sure everyone has heard about the new 4K tvs that are out or even seen them.  I didnt think much at first.  You know, just a larger tv that keeps the picture sharp instead of getting slightly blurrier.  But I saw one the other day at the store and I was floored.  The thing was huge since they're only out in big planet size.  But the quality of the image was unbelievable.  It was sharp and clear and just amazing.  You know normally when you stick your face right up to the tv set your eyes go a little stupid focusing and sometimes hurts?  Well at least for me.  I'm talking finger length distance.  With this thing it didnt hurt at all and the picture stayed focused the entire time.  I just cried.  Especially after seeing the $15k price tag. 

I can only imagine what this would look like at 4K.  Not very good I'm sure.

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