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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Portal 2 prt 8!

WHAT I hear you say?!  Thats right, after almost 6 years the next clip is done!  Jed got around to mailing me the clips he had for me to put this together. Thats right, mailing me  through the mail because he doesnt have internet.  Unfortunately he didnt send me everything he had so I only have enough to make another clip with his footage.  We were using his since for some reason on my recordings his voice was horribly distorted because of his mic.

The other problem is this video starts at the end of a stage.  That specific stage, for whatever reason, BOTH of us dont have and somehow managed to start recording in the same spot.  I dunno.  Aliens maybe.  So yeah, hope you enjoy!


  1. This reminds me, I reaaaally need to try out l4d at some point. Seeing how maybe I'll be better on PC than I was on a console...

    Do you ever play anymore?

    1. I havent played in over a year. Since Jeds lost internet service I havent really had the numbers for a game.

    2. Darn. I have a few friends that play occasionally so I might eventually try it. If you ever found 2 other people and needed a third I wouldn't mind joining in; and I'd tolerate the high ping.

    3. Thanks for the offer. Ping isnt the major issue, its time zones. The times I usually play, americans are getting ready for bed or already gone.

    4. In a few weeks I'll be able to start re-adjusting my sleep patterns to my natural one, 4 AM to 2 PM EST, or something of that nature. I'm only not able to right now because I actually have a curfew for both going to sleep and waking up.

      Most of my good friends live in an area 6 hours difference from me...

  2. So true there. We have had so many delays before just getting a game started because of time zone differences. And Con's evil cat.