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Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Portal mishaps on the way.

I am here to announce that I grew another chest hair last night. CONFIRMING the chest fairy is real.  Soon I will be able to braid them. How exciting!

The real reason for this mornings post is to inform all readers that at 9pm Eastern Time the misadventures of Con and Jed will commence on Live Stream. There will also be another game give away! *sqeeee*

I just have to get through my Tang-So-Do class first..I am so rusty..


  1. It might start a little after, cause I could still be sleeping. Oh those time zones! We'll put the stream link here once we figure out how to open one. Thats right, PROFESSIONALS!

  2. Don't forget to advertise it on Youtube, else you'll have very few viewers. But if you want it that way, then don't xD I can't wait~ This will make my day.