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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Part 12 of borderlands 2

Doing my best to cut out heaps of stuff to finish uploading this series.  As I've mentioned before I didnt really enjoy it and I didnt chat through it much since I was thinking people might watch this to see how the game is, not be distracted by someone talking all through it.  I plan to talk way more in any future playthroughs I put up.  Not sure what I'd do but I have a few ideas.  Most of the games I play though wont go up.  Like for example Kings bounty expansion, that wont be what people coming to my channel want to see.  Any fps style game I'll throw up.  Or action type thing.  Or horror if I find any good ones.  I have a couple I'm considering.  Mind you there wont be any screaming so for people who love to hear screaming in videos you'll probably want to go elsewhere.  I dont scream.  And I refuse to play it up and scream in clips for hits.  Youtube doesnt give me money and I dont think of it as a possible source of money so I dont want to start overdoing it and turning this into a job.  Youtube already annoys me some.  Imagine if I started thinking of it as work.  I'd be so gone lol

ANYWAY, heres the shit clip.  Also starcraft 2 expansion out in  2 weeks and a bit.  Cant wait!


  1. I kinda gasp if freaked out, but never scream. I couldn't scream if I tried, honestly.

    "I'm Scared - A Pixelated Nightmare" is fun, it's in a category of games I like to think of as threatening. To the point where I had my friend refuse to download it because they didn't like what it did. It's 8-bit, DOS-style, short, but can be a bit frightening, in the unique way that horror .exe games sometimes are.

    It's a genre I don't know the name of. Creepypasta, in a sense.

    1. That game looks pretty interesting. I grew up on that sort of graphics so its almost whimsical for me. Thanks for mentioning it, I'll definitely give it a spin.

    2. Hope to see you playing it sometime soon, I'm running low on videos to watch.

      Again I must ask though...will there ever be another chat attempt? It was too bad last time was so chaotic.

    3. Yep I'll see about doing one this weekend. If I'm lucky I'll rope Jed into it but he'll probably be busy.

    4. Mmk, I'll look forward to it, it was fun last time. I just felt out-of-place because I am completely boring and droll.