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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its a Nintendo 64!! Er, Playstation 4!!

So the new Playstation 4 has been announced. Officially I suppose. Upfront I like the fact it dumped its Cell Processor. That thing was nothing but a tool box for hype. Every developer hated its complicated Sony engineering. The system itself is more and more just a PC inside a locked plastic case. The system packs 8 gigs of ram though. Dang! I wouldn't have thought they do that. MAYBE 6 but 8? *claps* It'll need it for the cross game voice chats and live gameplay of DLC games.

Now the controller is "interesting".  For one its great to see they didn't goof everything up with another embarrassing boomerang design like they did for the Ps3's first controller. The new hardware has a much more "welcome to 2008" feel. Sony finally did away with the same plastic cast they have been using since 1995 and gave their new controller some decent handles. I think I could actually hold this thing now.

I would personally prefer the analog stick to be placed where the d-pad is as my thumb sits there much more naturally. Of course this would never happen. Loyalist would cry and Sony would be giving up their iconic layout.

Something that seems to be making a "move", or should I say Playstation Move (hurhur!) into the way we play games is motion control. Blegh. Move is built into the controller now...Awesome? Eh. It also has a new touch pad. Not entirely sure why. Placing myself in the mindset of a developer I don't see the point. Maybe I am not creative enough.

Overall though its got some great online features. You can play a game while its literally downloading. Thats good news as it has zero backwards compatibility with any Playsation console evar!  That sucks big time for me as I have no broadband where I now live.


  1. My favourite part was how lots of people thought Watch Dogs was running on the ps4 because the guy was holding a controller. I mean really, how many years running must people fall for that. It was running on a pc and the controller was plugged into the pc. I know, SORCERY! I wish they'd stop using pcs to show off games targeted to a console audience. Show the damn thing running on the actual system for once.

    Insert joke ps4 is actually a pc now that you cant upgrade hurhurhur. I'll still buy it for the sony exclusive first party titles cause most of them rock.

  2. They're seriously making a Playstation 4? I only heard people joking around about that a few days ago, and I bet it's not worth to buy it. :L

  3. Btw Con, why were you giving me The Witcher 1? Did the winner not get his prize?

    1. They changed their steam name and I had no way of contacting them. I guess they havent been following the blog so I may as well hand it to someone else and you came out in my little random draw.

  4. I never even got the Playstation 3, and personally never liked the Playstation 2 much, probably because I've always been poor and could afford maybe 3 games total for any system. At least, though, if I ever did have one, I think I could figure out how to play, the controls are simple enough.