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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Game giveaway time

So after having asked Jed to tell me when he can be around I've finally got a time and day.  Only really took a month lol.  So basically we plan to both be on livestream and drawing the names out of a hat.  The livestream address I cant give right now as I dont even know how to use that place yet.  But I'll figure it out tomorrow cause I'm lazy.  So heres the link to a time converter so you'll know roughly when we plan to do this.

Now what you'll want to do is put these details in as they're mine own.  It'll be around 2am for me on monday morning, so majority of you it'll be creeping up to sunday afternoon.  Just fill the top half like I have it in the pic below-

Below that you can select the city and country you're in.  As I cant be stuffed putting this onto youtube I fully expect to have a turnout of 3, which suits me just fine.  Easier to interact with fewer people.  I dont know how long Jed will be able to stay on but we plan to do a split webcam thing so we can both be on at the same time.  The next time we do this we plan to stream a game.  No idea what game.  But will probably happen next saturday.  Maybe. 

Oh, and I've put up a new toy clip with the completed Batman thing I put up a little while back as unfinished.  I had heaps of fun doing Bane.  And Edward.  I always love using Edward.

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  1. 4:30PM GMT london time for us brits :D