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Monday, April 29, 2013

Cinema? More like Pissema

Today was an eventful day.  It started off with little sleep.  Those are my favourite days!  Went to the cinema with a few friends to watch the new iron man film.  NO spoilers here btw, in my post or in comments please.   I think I preferred the first one.  Also Guy Pearce, who is legendary in everything, totally should of played Wesker in the resident evil movies.  In this movie hes basically wesker to me.  Its hard to watch a super hero film though and not let your brain go into reality.  I mean the Avengers they all helped each other.  But in the single movies no one actually helps anyone else.

Why is it captain america for example isnt running in and helping iron man?  Seriously, why not.  Is he that big a douche?  Thor I can understand.  Hes off on another planet fighting godlike beings.  Hulk, well hes just useless to begin with.  But really Captain america!  DOUCHE!  Help tony!  Thats why he kills you in the comics!  Cause you're a douche!

Also some mother decided to bring her kids to see the film.  On a monday around 1pm, you'd think they'd be at school.  Nope.  Bring them instead of on the weekend that just passed.  I'm sue she's regretting though because one of them clearly decided that pissing himself in the middle of the movie was a far better option to leaving for the toilet and missing part of the film.  The place had a wonderful urine smell.  I'm always scared about sitting on their bullshit chairs.  You dont know whos pissed on them or spilt their drinks or just orgasmed on it.  You dont know.  Your headrest?  The guy before you who doesnt wash his filthy oily nit infested hair was leaning back on that.  Fucking cinema.

While I was away the HDD I ordered to replace my tiny shitty one finally came in.  I've been putting this off for about 2 years or so but decided money was never going to be super good at any period so may as well do it now.  Plus I needed to order a new cpu fan since mine is now making clickclick noises so went the whole 9 yards.  Not gonna lie, petrified about opening my case to put this shit in.  So many damn cables and shit in the way.   Next time I'm getting a full tower.  None of this stupid mid tower rubbish.  Its not worth the hassle.  The extra space inside is not only good for airflow, but everything can be reached for without fucking something else near it.

I also sent off my stupid sony camera for repairs for a 3rd time.  I mainly use it for my toy clips but now and then some photos too.  Hopefully this time they'll replace it with a newer model instead of failing a fix job.  I swear if I get it back and theres another issue within the first week like the previous two times I'm going to go mental over the phone at whoever answers and is in charge of this.  I never get upset at people just doing their job, but after 3 times its still broken, thats asking for it if you ask me.  This is my own fault for not buying panasonic back when this thing came out.  Thought I'd give sony the benefit of the doubt and see if their products had improved.  And what do you know, nothing but shit.  Good thing I have a 5 year warranty.  They're the ones losing money not me.  Or maybe its the gods of the internet telling me to stop making toy videos.  They dont like it.

Hopefully I'll be able to make a post tomorrow saying my pc didnt decide to break while I was installing shit.  If not I'll just have to cry in a corner somewhere.  Oh sure I'm used to upgrading and other pc stuff.  Been doing it for over a decade.  But when it comes to your on pc you just get paranoid.  Wish me luck!


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