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Friday, April 12, 2013

Google Chrome being a douche

I got fed up with firefox being beyond shit and a total memory leaking whore a while back and finally made the switch to chrome.  I'd tried it a year back but it didnt have all the plugin extensions I used with firefox.  Not like I used heaps.  Just a simple adblock plus, flashblock, and a couple youtube ones that showed me a green/red bar for each videos popularity and an option to download the video directly in whatever size I wanted.  Firefox developed a new bug that would make my whole system slow down if it was open after a certain length of time.  Never happened before, couldnt get rid of it.  So I went chrome.

Everything on it works much better than it did a year or so back.  Frustratingly the adblock doesnt catch a few windows here and there, but I'll survive.  Other than that its very fast and nice.  Couple layout changes I'd love to make but you cant have everything.  Recently a new patch went through for my version that made my bookmarks go all stupid.  So if I had 50 bookmarks, I'd only see like 25 because the stupid spacing between the top and bottom had been raised.  Googles reasoning, it made it easier for touch tablets.  Fuck you I'm on a PC!  So I had to find a work around to fix it and thank god there was one out there.  So for anyone whos pissed at this change, just follow the simple steps before...

1. Find the desktop icon you use to launch Chrome. If it's on the desktop proper, right-click it and choose Properties. If it's in your Windows taskbar (i.e. at the bottom of the screen), right-click it, then right-click Google Chrome in the menu that appears, and then click Properties.

2. Find the Target field. Click inside it, then move your cursor to the very end of the line (which should read "chrome.exe").

3. Hit the space bar to insert a space, then paste in the following text: --disable-new-menu-style

4. Click OK, then launch Chrome.

Thats pretty much it.  If you have the google shortcut in your taskbar you're going to have to delete it and make a new shortcut onto your desktop, do the above, then drag it and pin it to your taskbar again.  But its completely straight forward.

I now have lots of bookmarks again. Hope this helps someone with the same frustration as me!

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