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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fuck you gearbox

I know theres people who think the Borderlands series are great, and I can see why some might enjoy it so much.  I found them average, but thats not what I'm annoyed at.  What I'm absolutely furious at is I've just read that they've bought the license to Homeworld.  I love the first two games to death and seeing this developer buy it is like someone stabbing me in the eye.

This developer loves making console FPS games.  I've hated most of their rubbish.   Brothers in Arms, and the recently BUTCHERED Aliens game, which is at the top of things I love the most in terms of franchises.  When they got the Aliens license I died inside.  We saw how that turned out.  Now its Homeworlds turn to be raped.  Does anyone honestly believe they'll make a PC tactical game like the previous two?  No chance.  This will be a multiplatform fps if you ask me.

I mean really, theres only 3 possible outcomes here.  A multiplatform FPS, or an outsourced strategy hybrid fps.  And the least likely, a proper homeworld sequel.  That shit wont happen.  So its one of the first two.  Rubbish either way.  At least I'll have a year or two before any previews appear.  Though last I checked taken photos of a rape victim was considered obscene, but thats what I'm expecting to see.

Aside from that soul crushing info, I checked out the recent Thor 2 trailer.  Looks unreal.  Cant wait for it.  Love Thor to death since the 80s.  The rest of the avengers can go eat poo poo.

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