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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Awesome fishtanks

My friend, the deliciously awesome Brittany, showed me some proper amazing pictures a week or so back of some fish tank displays.  I've been meaning to put them up here but just keep forgetting.  Heres one such awesome one...

How amazing is that?  The first link shows in picture form the transformation from start to finish.  The second link are a bunch of fish tanks that people entered into some yearly competition for best fish tank man.  Theres some unreal stuff there.


  1. Oh wow. Those fish tanks look pretty awesome. You ever thought about keeping fishes as pets? That is assuming your cat wouldn't try to eat them up.

    1. I did at one stage. But fish tanks are pretty expensive. I also dont really have anywhere it could go. But I like seeing them. Aquariums are heaps fun.

    2. True, they can be very expensive and the fish is pretty much stuck in one place.

      Still, I also like seeing them. I'm hydrophobic so I always wondered what's it like being underwater. It'd be a pretty cool sight to see a few fishes swimming around a fake, underwater tree.