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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Last Express

There are certain games that come out that just stick with us over the years.  The Last Express is one of those games for me.  Its an amazingly brilliant adventure game.  You're on the orient express and theres been a murder etc.  You need to solve it.  Now what was really cool about this point and click adventure game is that it was non-linear.  The game also ran by its own clock.  Like for example, you could only speak to a certain character at 3pm in the lunch cart.  The game also had multiple paths and endings.  So you could replay it plenty of times.  I adored the animation and music so much.

So the reason I'm mentioning it now is that GOG is having a sale just for today and its at $2.39, discounted from $5.99..  That site has so many awesome games, but if you love adventure games and you never got around to playing this one, I totally recommend grabbing it.

The Last Express game

Click on the link about and go for it.

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