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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to get MSN back after upgrading skype

A friend of mine showed me this after I got that stupid upgrade window today.  If I said no it wouldnt load msn at all.  So I said yes and it updated skype.  Thankfully my skype contacts were all there.  But my MSN contacts?  ZERO!  They've had months and months to work on this and those retards still cant get anything working properly.  Worst of all the email notification is not a feature for skype.  Even a braindead monkey knows this is an important feature.

So here is a really simple way to get MSN back.  Its a program called Messenger Reviver 2.  You just download it, run it, and it automatically restores messenger.  The servers are still active till march 2014 so thats a whole year you can keep using MSN.  Hopefully by then the skype programmers will have developed a brain and implemented everything properly.  Just click on the link below and run the program.  Its brilliant.

Messenger Reviver 2

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