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Monday, April 22, 2013

There is nothing

I've wanted to make a normal update for a while now, but when nothings happening its pretty hard to write about anything.  The only thing thats happened lately is a friend turning 21 who I bought some stuff for.  And  I guess the new japanese restaurant that opened nearby.  First time I went I ordered 2 things, both were blah.  Second time I went I ordered 2 different things which were good.  Glad I gave it a second chance.  And yesterday I was told that a friend who I chatted and played games with now and then died so that was a bit of a shock.  They havent found the reason yet but some suspect a blood clot.  Either way its shocking.  So next time you get depressed and think life sucks, at least you're still here for it.  So cheer up.

Right now I'm just sitting around still looking for a job.  Sooner or later something WILL come up.  I mean the law of averages and all that.   Also managed to play a game of L4D last week with jed.  He had some spare time on his day off and went to his parents place to log on for it.  I'm still waiting on him to send me some clips so I can make the videos.  He said monday.  I probably should of asked which month and year was that monday located in.  I messaged him a couple days ago on his phone but he hasnt replied yet.  I like to think his wife locks him up in a room after he comes back from work and hes only allowed out on special occasions.   I mean thats what I'd do to him.  So it should be fairly accurate.

I love watching the odd documentary now and then.  The other day I saw a fairly entertaining one called Secret History of UFOs.  Was on the national geographic channel.  Some cool stuff and a good length too.  I like me some mysteries.  Always enjoyable.  I've got a few other UFO and ghost shows I've been meaning to catch up on.


  1. Ghost Adventures is your friend! Hours of fun!

    I hear you on the job front... if it gets any worse we may have to start up some kind of stripper-gigolo tag team. Can you imagine!? Instant fame ;) hahaha

    1. GA is awesome. Loved watching them ever since that documentary they made. The tag team would work well I think. You distract them with boobs, I'll steal their wallet.