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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fuck you Disney

Anyone who knows me knows I've been TWITCHING for the Little Mermaid to be brought out on bluray for the past 6 years.  I absolutely loathe disney for waiting to do every single other fucking title before getting to this masterpiece.  Now that its finally here I've just found out they went and did something that will fuck with me forever.  They got 2 scenes switched.  Heres a video...

Now to some people this isnt a big thing.  Why you so pissed over this you freak, I hear some people say.  Well I'm the old school fan.  I watched it at the cinema, I've watched it probably 40-50 times during my VHS and DVD days, and every time I see this I will KNOW its in the wrong order and it will jar my brain.  Its not just the bluray either.  The new DVD versions have been changed to this.  Fact is theres no reason for this change.  None.  I dont mind changes if it improves something, like the slight colour changes in cinderella and sleeping beauty.  But this is stupid.  Oh well, I'll SUFFER it.  One strange thing is the bluray is coming out 1st of october for america, but for me here in Australia my stores claim sept 11.  So next week.  They better not be fucking with me.  I need this shit.

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