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Friday, September 27, 2013

Reception lost

Today I went to bed around 6am.  This is normal since I'm still not working.  At 8am I was woken up by loud banging.  The people had come today to replace the metal sheets on the roof since they were old and really needed to be taken care of.  Lord knows how many more storm seasons it could have handled.  So get in there early and dont worry after.  The only trade off was me getting almost zero sleep.  The banging was pretty intense and they decided to start directly over the room I was sleeping in.  Awesome.

I drifted in and out of sleep a few times.  I'm fucking shocked I managed to sleep at all through all that racket.  I did have one dream that evolved faster than most dreams I've had.  Maybe to do with me waking up so often for brief periods.  It started off normally but ended as a nightmare.  I generally like nightmares.  No, I LOVE nightmares.  This one though didnt really end like I'd want it.  There are certain subjects I dont want in my nightmares.  And this one happened to have it.  I'll just skip to the very end, which had this lady who was pretty much out to kill me and this other guy.  She never spoke, just smiled a little and pretty much almost glided after us where ever we went.  She caught up to us and I noticed something on the back of her head.  Like a large growth.  And out of this fucking growth she would LAUNCH massive hand sized spiders who would somehow land on us and start gnawing.  I fucking HATE spiders.  This was enough to wake me up, my body TWISTING as I woke up.  I'm surprised I didnt break my spine.  First time I've had that reaction to a nightmare.  But I really really really hate spiders.

Anyway, with the roof all done there was only one problem that my parents werent smart enough to predict.  Removing the satellite dish temporarily was going to break our cable reception.  I dont really watch tv so this doesnt affect me.  My parents however.  So I told them the cable people can come in a week to realign it.  Dad thinks he knows someone who can come tomorrow that knows how to do this sort of stuff so we'll see.

Other than that I've been having some issues with my car.  The battery would just keep dying for no reason.  After lots of screwing around a friend of mine did whos repaired vehicles for the past 20-30 years, seems it was the fault of an old car alarm I had in that I disabled years ago because it was pissing me off.  How does something thats been in there for the entire time I've had my car suddenly start screwing with it?   I dont know.  Part of my is expecting the car to die again despite now the battery drawing the proper amount of power from the alternator.  But we'll see over the next few days.  If 2-3 weeks pass and its acting normal, I'll relax.

Finishing off, I'd just like to say Jed is a massive woman.

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