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Monday, September 16, 2013


Today has been pretty magical.  I was up super late catching up on my collection of movies and I usually eat something during it.  This time it was 2 large nectarines.  I crunched away happily on those and was good.  But half hour later something felt wrong.  You know the sensation you get when you eat way too much and your stomach just says FUCK YOU?  That was me.  Except I hardly think 2 nectarines should do this.  I can eat 6 times more than that without trouble.  But something wasnt right so I blame them.  They werent rotten or soft or bruised or anything.  They were perfect, which is what makes it all the more frustrating.

Generally after an hour you start to feel yourself get less bloated as you digest the food.  I was sort of going in the opposite direction.  It felt like my stomach was getting more full and more solid.  Wasnt good.  I finished my movie and went to bed, though that was a nightmare too since I couldnt lie down properly in any position without my stomach screaming at me.  2 hours later I felt something I recognized and quickly went to the toilet, and for the first time in over 15 years I threw up.  4 magically wrenching efforts.  I dont know where all of that came from.  I swear it was multiplying inside of me.

I went to bed and woke up much later but didnt feel that much better.  My stomach wasnt screaming at me any more but it wasnt normal either.  And my throat was a little sore from the obvious.  I dont have a temperature and it feels different to food poisoning.  At least for me the two times I've had that, I sort threw up from the opposite end of my body.  That restaurant has been officially banned from my life too.

So this whole day I've been in a weird state where I dont feel sick but I dont feel good either.  And theres the welcome headache to keep me company too.  I guess if you know the feeling you get from motion sickness?  Thats sort of how I feel.  Cant describe it.  I also hope to never go through this again.  My parents ate those nectarines and they were fine.  So fuck knows.  I've spent most of today just lying down.  And as luck should have it Liverpool is playing at 4:30am tomorrow morning.  Usually I stay up for those.  Wonder if I'll manage it this time.


  1. The motion sickness thing reminds me of stress or sleep-related migraines, and pains remind me mostly of intestinal cramps from either a change in diet or major stress...those are my only guesses really. Probably wasn't food poisoning, the only one that acts that fast is most commonly found in fast food that was sitting around for several hours and cooled a bit.

    1. Well I'm still experiencing weird stuff. Now I have a temperature that comes and goes, and I get hot and cold spells every 10-15min. Starting to feel like I have a fever now but not one thats too vicious. Just makes me feel sick and weird and a headache comes and goes. No stomach pains any more. Cant sleep though which isnt helping. Only had 2 sandwiches today. Eyes are annoyingly sore at the moment. Do feel SLIGHTLY like throwing up now and then. I'm having a great time.