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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stupid battery

So yesterday my car wouldnt start.  Battery was flat.  Which is pretty weird cause I only replaced it 2 months ago.  Took it to the local garage people my dad deals with and they checked it out and said theres nothing wrong with the engine etc, its most likely my fault since I rarely drive around much.  I'm thinking fuck you, I've done the same shit for the past 12 years I've had this car but whatever.  The car was working and I didnt have much to back me up.

So I'm driving home and I notice the airconditioner is acting weird.  Its not as strong as usual, theres a strange faint high pitched sound when I'm accelerating, and when I accelerate the air blows stronger.  It never did any of these 3 things before.  I'm about 5seconds from my house when I hear the car make a BEEP noise.  That tells me somethings wrong.  Usually battery related.  I pull into my house and sit there in the driveway for about 20seconds.  Suddenly engine turns off with no warning.  I'm like NO YOU DIDNT!  I try to start it up, TICKTICKTICKTICK.  Battery is flat.

Dad comes in from behind, I show him what the car is doing and I'm all like BOOM told you its not about how often I drive it, I'm not that stupid to leave it for too long.  He couldnt understand it.  I told him how the aircon was acting differently.  He tells me I'm imagining it.  I totally went off.  I know how my car behaves.  12 years gives me the right to instantly know if something different.  So we took it to a friend who used to repair cars in his own garage for 30 years.  They checked it out, and turns out the fuel rods or whatever int he battery were dead.  The idiots at the garage werent smart enough to check this.  Dad claims they dont have the equipment.  Fuck that excuse.

So got a new battery and lookie there, the aircon is behaving properly again.  Fingers crossed the stupid car doesnt do anything weird again otherwise it might mean something is causing the battery to die super quick and that will be a nightmare to figure out what.  An expensive one.

So for now heres one of those stupid horrible addictive clickclick games.  You make cookies.  The more cookies you get, the more things you unlock to make cookies.  Its a pointless game, but once you start you sort of keep going.   After a while it'll make cookies on its own so you dont need to clickclick.  I'm going for the top!


  1. Molestia found it first~ The game that is.

    She also raped your battery but that's another story.

    1. Molestia finds everything first. Including new STDs

  2. Cookie Clicker, I haven't played in four days. shits addicting as hell, I had to stop when I realized I was fucking up my computer mouse by over fault for buying the cheapest mouse I could find.