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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good job

So last night I heard a familiar sound.  Sitting there watching a movie in my room and suddenly the loud thrashings of 2 cats fighting.  My body did jolt in a reflex reaction since every time I heard that sound I was up instantly and outside with a torch to make sure my cat was ok.  But thats not how things are any more.

So I look outside and shine my awesome torch, and across the road 2 houses down I see 2 cats just going mental.  One of them is a gray and dark coloured cat I didnt recognize.  The other?  It was the black cat that lived at that house.  The very same cat that would always come over here looking to pick a fight with my cat.  Kyo, for MANY years, sent that cat packing.  He would beat the crap out of him and then chase him back to his house before walking back like the lion that he was.  But the injuries he got almost always became infected because of his low immune system.  In the last couple years I think Kyo was just not as dangerous as he used to be the other cat seemed to be in his prime, so there were quite a few times where the black cat dominated him.  I once ran down and found my cat hiding under my car while the black cat stood on the side trying to grab at him.  Sadly the cat never was within reach of my foot or any stick I had with me.

But now the roles were reversed.  Who ever that gray cat was was smashing the black cat.  They wrestled for about 10min straight with a few pauses, across the drive way, into the bushes, everywhere.  But never out the closed gate.  The black cat seemed to think staying in his home would be a good move because his owners would come down sooner or later.  His owners never did.  They were probably too busy snoring their faces off.  I think the amount of claw marks and teeth marks on that black cat will be obscene.  And I'm glad about it.

I told my mum today about it and the first thing she asked was which cat was winning?  I told her the gray one smashed him.  And she straight away said, 'Good.  He deserves it.  Maybe he'll die too.'  You might think we're a little mean.  But fuck that cat.  I hope his life from here on out is as much a misery as he made Kyos.  Though I hope its far worse.

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