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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bioshock infinite #26

Heres the next one.  Currently I'm in the middle of Outlast.  I've got to be honest but I'm finding the game very tedious to the point where I stop talking in the game for a bit now and then.  I dont think I'm really made for lets plays.  Jed really needs to get back onto the internet so he can do them since he'd be 1 billiont imes better than me.  I want to focus on my strategy and adventure games.  Those are totally not uploadable stuff.  But yeah, I'm probably one of the few whos getting bored of Outlast because its not scary.  Whats that tell you about me.  I just want a game or movie to scare me again.  It never happens.  Sure if I was getting a million views I'd happily pretend to be scared and scream all the time.  But thats all it would be.  Pretend.

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