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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stupid week

Yesterday was election day in Australia.  We replaced one stupid government with a new stupider government.  The worst part about this is the previous lot were going to give us faster internet.   My area only had a year at most before it would of had optic fibre built in.  We'd get 100 megabit download speed which is awesome considering I'm sitting on 1.  Uploads would go to 12 or something, I dont know.  I just know it would be faster then my current 100k/s upload.  It would make uploading to youtube far less of a pain.  But now the new retards are in and their version of fast internet is 25mbps.  Oh sure thats faster than what I'm on now, but 25 vs 100 is a bit of a massive difference.   The part that really bugs me is I dont know if they plan to stop building in some areas, specifically mine.   I guess we'll find out sooner or later.  I dont expect much good from it.

The other night I had an annoying dream.  I was coming back from a friends place at like 2am and noticed something on the side of my driveway inside my house.  It was a cat that looked exactly like Kyo.  We have an electronic gate so I pressed the button and it started to open slowly.  I got out of the car not interested in waiting for it to open completely, worried that maybe if I wait too long he might disappear.  I walked inside and crouched and coaxed him to come to me, and he did, and I was just so fucking happy as he kept coming closer instead of vanishing.  But when he finally got to me I noticed the face was different.  It wasnt kyo.  Just some other cat that resembled him.  The worst part is this was one of those very rare ultra realistic feeling dreams.  I woke up shattered.  I love nightmares, but not that shit.  Its like the universe is just taunting me.  I envy the people who can get over a pet dying.  I only wish I saw him as just a pet.  But I didnt.  And I never will.

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  1. We can only hope he gets rid of the Carbon Tax like he says he will. The internet thing...I'm hoping once my generation grows up more, we'll be able to do something about it. The current older generation of the politicians doesn't understand the speeds thing. You're one of the few that does understand it.