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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thats how I feel today.  Seriously.  I'm so over idiots.  You try to help someone and in the end you come out looking like the villain.  Basically the last 3 days now I've been trying to see if I can fix this stupid cows issue on her pc.  Namely, pdf files were opening slow.  I already know its her crap pc not being good enough but what the hell, I'll do all the trouble shooting crap.  Stayed an extra hour after work yesterday too.  She seemed to appreciate that this morning but by the end of the day after I'd suffered too much crap from her I'd lost that appreciation.  Even my supervisors told me she'd been feeding me misinformation.  So yeah, in the end after all that shit she ended up thinking her email signature was gone despite it not being possible but she swears it ws then she hung up on me.  I hope she catches herpies.  Probably already has it.

Other then that delightful whore I did get a couple people who said I was easily the nicest tech help they've ever had.  So big props to me.  Doesnt mean the day was any less joyful.  BLEAH!  And I had to drive in this god damn storm thats going on right now.  Basically cyclone forming out further away, but for the time being we're getting smacked with 100km/h winds.  Non stop rain.  Its going to get stronger tomorrow.  I'm just hoping the cyclone keeps going on its merry way and doesnt start doubling back.  One good thing is tomorrow there might not be any work because of it.  Who knows.  I still have to wake up and call in to find out.

I finally decided to do some upgrading of my 3 and a half year old pc.  While its still running really good with most games at max, I'm looking down the road and thinking I want to be ready for whats around the corner.  Sure I could play games at medium detail happily.  I mean I happily play my consoles and their graphics are like medium detail compared.  But with the new video cards out theres no excuse.  So I ordered an MSI nvidia 560Ti card for around $320.  Its about $250US for my american friends.   And with regret, about 257 pounds for my friends in england.  I'm going to guess europe probably has it around 200euro.  But I'm just guessing here

If you look on the left side of the blog I've made a little widget with the video card in it plus a few other things if you're curious about it.  I'll be putting up more items of stuff I recommend there, whether it be random stuff or PC related hardware for future upgrading people might have.  I've found amazons prices are pretty good from majority of the online stores I've looked around through over the years.  So yeah, this card isnt the most expensive, but its not the most cheap.  Its a great mid range amount.  There are cheaper cards out there though that are really good like the geforce 460, which is powerful and probably $100 less.  But thats for another day.  I'm specifically choosing the 560 Ti because of the power and price point.  I could get an extra year easy out of this card then I would say the 460.  Maybe more.

You might notice a bluray drive in there.  I grabbed that too since my dvd drive pretty much shit its guts out and isnt working anymore.  I dont see the point of buying another dvd drive.  So I decided to go with something of quality and value.  Not sure what some of those lower scoring things in the comments for the amazon section are.  Pretty sure they're doing something wrong since all those problems they list arent problems at all.  And also the third thing I have listed is the Masterpiece Rodimus transformer.  I'll be leaving him in Hot Rod mode since he's my favourite autobot.  Starscream ofcourse being my favourite decepticon.  But yeah when I saw this masterpiece model I just lunged myself at it.  Wish the fucking postman would MOVE HIS ARSE and bring it.  Its been making its way for 10 days now.  Pathetic.

Ok I'll stop it there because I'm putting in too much and you're all most likely bored.  Heres a video I made with my iphone driving to and from work.  Excuse the shakiness.  First time I've really used it for recording.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bitch. :(
    Also, I wasn't aware anyone outside of the US was that into Transformers.

  2. Yeah as I mentioned before I work in customer service at JC Penney- I know how you feel babe.

  3. On rainny days, I would like to stay at home, under a cover and with a hot cup of chocolate... Oh! And with a good zombie film on TV ^^
    Aaww and I hope the cyclone will stay far away from your house!! >.<

  4. When I finally get to building my computer I was leaning towards the Sapphire 5970. Not entirely sure yet though, still looking around.

    I was gonna hold off on getting a blu-ray player until they increase the drive speeds. Unless games start going to blu-ray disks I'd rather stick with a higher speed DVD drive.

  5. You should've wait for the Gigabyte SOC model. 1000 MHz in core clock, OMG.

    Even though, that MSI looks and performs sexy P:

    Hope you can get some quad core stuff.

  6. I'm flooded in, so I got it worse!!! Joys of living out rural.

  7. I love gigabyte but the MSI runs quieter and muchmuchmuch more cooler, so that basically sealed it for me. Its also slightly overclocked so performance is great too.

    Sapphire 5970 is a great card but I'm not a fan of the ATI cards right now. Mainly because the nvidia ones have physx ability while the ATI ones dont. Very annoying but oh well.

  8. Yeah, its small stuff like physx that I don't know about yet. Now I've got more research to do...


    This is a decent video that shows some of the differences. Its not everything thats in the game though, theres plenty more effects and differences in how the game looks and behaves. Plenty of games have physx now.

  10. Wow, that's pretty amazing that some elements aren't even there if you don't have physx. I'll have to look into this more when my headache is gone.